Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Perfectly Imperfect

This was up on my facebook for a little while and one of my friends called it, "perfectly imperfect". 

The truth is, I never even saw this butterfly in person. My son was sitting on the boat all by himself (not feeling well because he stayed up too late with his friend the night before). The rest of us were off in the distance, wading neck deep off the shore of a small island at Lake Lanier. Collin yells from the boat that a butterfly just landed on him. I yell back only half interested, "take a picture". I looked over in his direction a few times to see what he was up to. It was about 10 minutes before the butterfly left it's temporary post on his thumb. That's pretty much the whole story.

It was over a week later I was scrolling through the photos on my phone, only out of boredom, that I ran across the photo and noted the abnormality. It promptly went onto facebook, and hasn't left my thoughts since. But it's not mine. It was Collin's that day and it makes me a little misty-eyed to think of her visiting him like that. She loves her big bro!

My friend is right. It is perfectly imperfect. If you've ever wandered to the page where my pictures of Carly are (don't say I didn't warn you first), you would know how much weight this phrase carries in my soul. She was also perfectly imperfect.


Anonymous said...

When I see Carly I see a sweet pouty mouth - oh, those lips! An amazing shock of dark hair (Tiff? Are you a bottle blonde?... ;) ) and all the sweet bitty features all babies have. I do see her boo-boo's - I know it's hard to see. I couldn't even see all of Piper because I couldn't handle it. I never saw her bottom, her little too-too, belly button, and only her feet & hair briefly. BUT I know our girls are beautiful - then and now! Congratulations on your beautiful girl, Tiffany & Scott (a phrase none of us got to hear & still should have!). Love, Priscilla

Tiff said...

Aww. You're so right... I didn't realize it till just now, but I do miss that phrase.