Below are a few of the pictures we have of Carly.
They were taken at the hospital by the staff (I assume).

I want to caution you that these pictures are not easy to look at.

I look at them every other day, so it does not surprise me anymore, but I remember the first time I looked at these.
I remember that I had wished for some warning on what I was about to see.

I'm sharing them for those who have asked, so that they can see them when they are ready. I don't have the strength to hold someone's hand as they too cry, or close their eyes and look away because it is too hard.

Her skin was peeiling away. I don't know how or when that happened.

I love these tiny little fingers. They are SOOOO tiny!  She already had her little fingernails.

These were not going to be little feet... and those are definitely Scott's toes!

I surely have more photos... but they are not how I want her to be remembered. I am hoping to have them digitally reworked someday soon because they are still so dear to me.


Kristi said...

These pictures do not mesh with my memory of seeing her in person. She was more beautiful then. Maybe these photos were taken later.
I miss her still.

Kristi said...
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Rebecca said...

Are you familiar with 'Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep'? They did an amazing job taking photos of my angel, Mary, one month ago tomorrow. They may be able to help touch up the photos, if you choose to do that. My Mary looked much like Carly and I have some beautiful pictures to remember...