About Mommy

Your Mommy, Carly…..
There are so many things I would love to be able to tell you about your Mommy.
Your Mommy is one of the most talented, compassionate, and most of all, nurturing people I know. She is one of the best Mommy’s I have seen. She loves Collin and Cailey with every part of her being and extends that deep love to you even as her heart continues to break and she struggles to endure the loss of you.
She is amazingly patient, sensitive, intuitive, and energetic in always trying to find the best solutions to help her children continue to grow and know their value. She is the Mommy that loves doing things with her children like cooking with them, reading to them, playing games with them, showing them the secrets and beauty of the world and sharing the experiences of discovery. She is not the Mom who uses TV to entertain her kids. She wants to spend as much time with them as she can, even when she is exhausted, she always makes time for her children. She rejoices in their triumphs and hurts when they are in pain, she hurts more for them than they do. I wish I had been more like her when I was raising my children.  She oozes love for her family and it is beautiful to witness. She would do anything for any of you.
Not only is she creative, but she is extremely smart. I think most people perceive her as very strong, but under it all, she has a huge compassionate heart and feels things deeply. All of her colleagues and friends deeply love and respect her because she has earned it by her treatment of those around her. She wanted you here in her life so much that I cannot find the words to describe the intensity. So did your Daddy.
Your Mommy and I had many conversations about you: how active you were; what we would do when you finally came out of your Mommy’s tummy; things we had bought for you; things your Daddy’s family had gotten for you, and we had a countdown for your scheduled arrival. I know she had dreams for you and how wonderful life would be with you in it. She misses you so much and she will never stop grieving over the lost opportunity to get know you more and to have shared the world with you.
Even as I’m sharing these things with you, I know that you already know how wonderful your parents are and how much they loved and wanted you. I know you can see how much they miss you and you know how wonderful your life would have been with them. I’m sure you can see these things even more clearly from where you are, but I still want to tell you these things.

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