About Daddy

Dear Carly,

I wanted to tell you a little about your dad.

His family calls him Scotty and it makes me giggle whenever I hear them say it. I affectionately call him Scotz. He likes to say he's an alpha male... and he's pretty much right on target. He likes beer, sports (especially TN Vol football), hanging with the guys, and fits in just about anywhere he goes. He likes fast cars and slow weekends. He's all man from wanting to punch out the guy that was rude to a woman, to working out, to trimming his nails with a pocket knife. But he's a lot more than that. He's also the guy you call when you need help because he will be there. His kindness and patience for others is obvious. His affinity for saying things exactly how he sees them is usually appreciated... but not always. Either way, he is always respectful, true to himself, and is comfortable in his own skin. You don't know this, but it's very hard to be that way in this world, and in these times.

He already has two boys that live in TN with their mother. He couldn't be more proud of both of them. He talks to them often, if not daily. I admit, I try to eavesdrop while he's on the phone with them... then we talk about the things they say and what they're up to. You would have been so lucky to have them as your big brothers.

I wish you could've seen the way your daddy loves me. It is so beautiful . In fact, I always dreamt about the kind of guy I would marry, as most young women do. When I met your father, I realized that I finally had a face and a name for the man in my dreams. We dated for a couple of years and the day we got married was such an awesome moment . I hope your brothers and sister find the same love in their lives because it's the most amazing feeling we have on earth, that is, to be truly loved.

Your father is playful, and adventurous and ready for anything. He has worthy goals and always makes each day the best it can be. I feel so lucky to share his life with him. He is charming all the time... even with the ladies! (How do you think he got me?!) He is intelligent and a wonderful person to have a discussion about important matters with. Don't get me wrong - he is opinionated and we don't always agree - but it's never a dull discussion and we always come together in the end.

He always dreamt about you and it's not fair for him to have to love you from afar. But he will. He will love you always and I will love him for you. I will even tell him "NO" sometimes like I'm sure you would at some point. I know... no need to thank me. :-)

Please watch over Scotz and stay close to his heart. Find his grandpa somewhere up there in heaven and let him tell you some stories about your dad... I'm sure he has lots of them!

Until we meet again...
Mom and Dad

From Nana Guest

Your Daddy, Carly…..
I was there when your Mommy and Daddy met. There was an obvious connection between the two of them from the very beginning. Your Mommy had been going through some painful times and your Daddy was very compassionate and uplifting. He made her laugh and she needed that. I think it was conquering the difficult times, that really let them get to know and trust one another. Through their love and respect for each other, they overcame some hard difficulties and learned to trust and love one another even more.
Your Daddy is a man’s man with a strong ethical code of behavior that makes him well respected and trusted for his honesty and fairness. He is proud, but not prideful, arrogant, or judgmental; the kind of proud that comes from trying to live a life true to his beliefs. He is very smart and knowledgeable but still willing to learn from other people. Most of all he is a caring man who loves his family more than anything. He is a good Daddy to his two boys, your brothers, Chris and Jon as well as to Collin and Cailey. He stays very involved in Chris’s and Jon’s lives and wants to spend time with them very often. He loves and honors his parents and other family members. He is a man of principles but not stuffy or overbearing.
Maybe because your Daddy already had 2 boys, he really wanted a little girl. At our Christmas family gathering, your Daddy and I sat out on the deck and talked about how he would love you even if you were a boy, but he really hoped you would be a girl. He was so happy about you and we laughed and giggled about what you would be like and the things the two of you would do together. One thing, if you had stayed with us on earth, you probably wouldn’t have been able to find a date (let alone husband material) that would be good enough for you. We agreed that night that he would most likely spoil you. He was almost giddy with excitement about your arrival. There was no doubt about how much he wanted you to get here.
If I make your Daddy sound stuffy, rest assured he isn’t. He loves to laugh and make others laugh.  Both of your parents have wonderful senses of humor that I think you would have inherited. When your Daddy laughs, his whole face lights up and he reminds me of an elf with a secret. I wish I could’ve seen you and your Daddy giggling together as you grew up.
Your Mommy and Daddy truly love and respect each other so much that it is hard to find two people who love each other as much as they do. They are careful and considerate with each other and make each other very happy. I think because they love each other so much, they were especially excited to greet you as a product of such a love and devotion. Your Daddy is the man your Mommy had been looking for.
I love your Daddy for making your Mommy so happy and I love him for the man he is. I am so glad he is a part of our family. I know looking down from where you are; you can see how much he wishes you were here with him and how much his giant heart is breaking and what a good man he is.


Lindsey said...

What a great description of Scott! He is such an awesome "guys guy" and gentleman :-) A great big brother that I never had.
Love you guys,

Kristi said...

That is exactly the way I would describe Scott, but I never would have been able to do it so beautifully. I loved him even before he gave me back my soul and I love him for loving yoiu and his family so completely and generously! Love you all.