Friday, May 20, 2011


This weekend was sooooo hot. 96 degrees to be exact. I took Collin and Cailey to the pool and watched them swim, dive, and otherwise wear out the tips of their little toes on the bottom of the pool while playing games. I wondered how I would have ever kept you cool in these temperatures. The pool was wild with children splashing and playing and I could not have taken you in there as a delicate 1 week old. I guess I would have stayed home and loved all over you with time to ourselves. Instead, I sweated alot and watched Collin and Cailey more intensely than usual, and it was a good thing I did! At one point, Cailey ran out of gas for her little motor and was crying for help as she sunk lower and lower in the deep end. I didn't leave even 1 second for the lifeguard to have responded before I was in the pool, and dragging her thankful, precious face, above water, back to the edge. I definitely overdid it with that stunt, and my poor muscles that are already exhausted with the awesome responsibility of healing themselves, are reminding me every second that I need to repay them with some R&R. I am happy to oblige today!

We went to a birthday party for a friend in the neighborhood on Saturday night. It was a wonderful and relaxing event, and I enjoyed the time to think about something other than my grief over you. I'm sure you didn't mind. We gossiped, and shared stories, and made fun of everything we agreed was ridiculous about our lives.

I saw lots of people that care about us that I haven't seen since you were born. They all offered the kindest wishes and warmest hugs. I'm not a touchy-feely person normally, but I appreciated each gesture and didn't feel awkward at all. I think you have changed my outlook on "personal space" permanently so I am thankful for that.

Until We Meet Again...
Mom and Dad

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