Thursday, May 19, 2011

Welcome Darling

To My Darling Carly,

Oh, my sweet baby. I don't know where to begin. I have loved you since the moment I knew you were coming. Every day, my love grew stronger. For almost eight months, I imagined what you would look like, and planned all of the wonderful things we would show you as you grew up. The whole time, I felt you growing inside me. Your dad and I even nicknamed you "wiggler" because you were such a busy little thing bumping and tumbling around all day, every day. I don't know what happened, and never will, but everything changed on that Friday, May 13th.

At the Dr.'s office was the first time my heart sank into my chest. Then at the hospital, it completely broke in two. I was on my way to meeting the little angel inside me, except she was already back in Heaven. I felt the Dr.'s separate our two bodies but couldn't hear a thing.  I didn't hear you cry, and the Dr.'s didn't make a sound except to announce the time. It was 1:06pm. I closed my eyes one more time hoping to open them and find I was just in a dream. But it wasn't, and so I waited hopelessly to meet you... so I could say goodbye.

Finally I had you with me, and I could wrap my arms around the Carly I had been loving all along. Feeling you in my arms was all the comfort I could have, and I was calm for that short time. Now you are gone forever, except in the heart and mind of your father and I. There you will live forever. We will never forget you. You will always be one of our children and we will always be your family. You will always be daddy's little girl. We will celebrate your birthday like you were here.

I hope you will be with us in spirit sometimes, and I hope we make you proud to know that we were the parents you would have had. We love you, and we love each other for you.

Until we meet again...
Mom and Dad

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