Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday To Me

I woke up this morning with the most adoring and adorable man kissing me goodbye. He was using that deep, raspy, sexy morning voice I like so much.... and he said "happy birthday, baby" and I remembered today was special.

I cried for you to be here today and share it with me, but not a snot-river soul-crushing cry. Just a bunch of huge tears and only minor face altering sniveling. Whew! Now that I had that out of the way, I just hoped that you still would be with me in some small way. I put a smile on my face and jumped in the shower. On my drive to work, I ran down the list of tasks the day was demanding and wondered how in the world I would get it all done. If one little thing got out of place... I would never make it, and not making it wasn't an option. Work, parent/teacher conferences, a stop by the auto body shop... and mechanic, phone calls to make, baseball games to watch, dinner to cook, birthday cake to pick up and eat, etc. I set a goal to thank every facebook message directly, but quickly crossed that off as unrealistic. Then I stopped and wondered how in the world I was going to stay alert enough to look for signs that your are near. I was truly worried that I might get too busy and miss the moment.  I wasn't hoping for anything magical to happen. although I did consider picking up a lottery ticket at the gas station I get my coffee at every morning. (SKIP)

Anyways, the moment is here! These few extra minutes I somehow ended up with to write to you in my blog. Thanks for the extra time sweetheart. I needed a quiet minute like this to spend with you, and you delivered. As you can see, I'm good. I've got my family all around me and they love me for you... I can feel it.

Until We Meet Again...

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