Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From Aunt Brittany

To my Niece, Baby Carly.

I have thought long and hard for almost a month now as to what I wanted to say. Your cousins (especially Chloe) and I were so looking forward to meeting you. Of course I already have a Niece and Nephew, and I love them dearly, but I was anxiously awaiting your arrival so I could love you just as much!
I will never forget the moment your nana told me your mommy had called her and said something was wrong. All I thought from that time, until still even this day, that there is some kind of mistake and the Dr’s got it all wrong. Sadly, they were right. I know you were desperately looking forward to meeting your mommy and daddy, I know you know you had picked the perfect parents to love you eternally. Sadly, something went wrong and you are now in heaven with your Heavenly Father.
I want you to know that I love your mom and dad with all my heart. I am privileged to have them as part of my family. Your mommy is one of the most caring, thoughtful people. She loves all her children, including you, with her whole heart and soul. Your daddy too is a loving father and I know you would’ve have had him wrapped around your tiny little finger.

We will never know why you had to leave this world, but we will always remember you while we are in it. You will always be a part of this family and you will never die within our memories or hearts. On behalf of Chandler and Chloe and for myself, we love you Baby Carly, and we always will!
Your Aunt, Brittany

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