Sunday, June 26, 2011

We Smiled

Today was the real due date. June 15 was the date the delivery was scheduled, and May 13 was the date she was actually delivered. But today, we know exactly what we were doing 40 weeks ago! LOL Today is also the day we first smiled together, and had some real fun like we used to, since Carly. I don't know if my mom knew this, or if it was just a mother's intuition, when she decided we all needed something extra fun to do today, but she hit the nail on the head. She called us this morning, and said, "get your things and get up here. I rented a boat and we're going out on the lake!".

We were a little bummed this morning. It had been a little emotional and we still had chores around the house to do. So, with some prodding on my end, and a bunch of hustle, we were riding lake waves within hours. We smiled, we laughed, I shook my booty to the tunes on the boat, and Scott couldn't stay off the tube. Whew! We needed that. Thanks mom!

I hope all of the Carly's milestones will be this fun. We spent her scheduled delivery date at the water park... and her real due date on the lake. I like the way this is heading. I think her birthdays should be spent at the beach.... don't you?!?

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