Friday, September 9, 2011

Tiffany Glue

He's pobably going to kill me for posting this, but I'm doing it anyways. It's too awesome not to post.

My sister and her bf made these cute dry erase boards when Scott and I got married. They're not that big, and they're decorated all around the border with wedding-y stickers. They ended up under the bed for a while but then, a few months ago, I was digging around under the bed to get our kitten out. I remembered all the cool ideas I had for them. I mounted them in the bathroom and now, we leave each other ridiculous, sweet, or funny notes all the time. It's always been "our thing" to leave each other notes and this is a perfect way to do it. (Although I do miss the random discovery of a note in the car or in the fridge or something!)

Anyways, one morning, I was getting ready for work and this is what I saw:

It made me feel so special. Special, needed, wanted, and cherished. It was sunshine to my soul. The illustration makes it adorable, but the message was spoke directly to my heart. In this simple note, he put a spotlight on how he still needs me, and we are together in our love and loss of Carly. From then on, I have never questioned if he feels the same way I do about what happened. No, we never held each other and cried for hours. We've never had an 'aha' moment that you think is needed to define your new status with each other. But we're not like that. We're already as close as two people could be, in that quiet, gentle and unassuming way.

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