Thursday, June 9, 2011

A Letter From Ma-Ma Queener

I was surprised when your daddy told me grandbaby number five was on the way. Papa and I have 3 boys and one girl so we were excited to find out we were having another granddaughter. Aunt Julie and I had shopped for months, and Papa gave your mommy the prettiest, fanciest dress for you. She said it was the fluffiest thing she had ever seen. But then on May 13th our dreams crashed when your daddy called with the sad news. I never got to hold you Carly, or rock you and sing silly songs to you like I did with the others, but I love you just as much. When people ask how many grandchildren I have, I answer five. You are in Heaven but you will always be in my heart - my youngest grandbaby - my precious Carly. Someday I will get to see you, to hold you, but until then maybe you can find you great-grandma Perry. She can rock you for me.
I love you.

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Unknown said...

It IS the fluffiest dress ever. It still hangs where I can see it every day. I wish I could fit in it... I'd wear it for her!