Friday, June 3, 2011


Today your uncle Taylor is coming over to help plant some of the bushes I got from friends... for you. I have a gorgeous orchid that came with easy instructions on how to keep it alive. (thank goodness!). Nana gave me a hybiscus for mother's day. My favorite by far was from my best friend, Robin. She had no idea how special her gift would be... and it makes it even more special. It's a gallon-sized knock out rose bush. I have been wanting to get some knockout rose bushes in my yard for almost three years. I think the only person that knew this was daddy, and I'm pretty sure it had gotten lost in my crazy long wish list of a million other things I want to make the yard beautiful.
Well, anyways, Taylor's coming over to plant the bushes while daddy's at work. He's going to plant YOUR roses right next to MY hydrangea's. I'm also going to get you some Lily's for "your garden". That is your birth flower. Geez, maybe the whole family gets something in there so we can all grow with you, together.

I love you, honey. I hate saying goodbye to you.
Until We Meet Again...
Mom and Dad

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