Sunday, April 8, 2012

She was there with us... I think.

Another big beautiful butterfly dive-bombed me in the face yesterday. I was taking the kids to the Egg Drop at Sprayberry High School and we were just beginning to enter the crowd when it happened. As if Carly was sending a message to say, "Hey... Mom! I'm here too!" It seems that butterflies are really determined to get my attention lately, and at the most coincidental times at that. I remember the one that landed on my windshield, right in front of my face, in the winter time. It wasn't a little tiny blue, or yellow one. And it wasn't just fluttering past in the corner of my eye. It was a big, huge colorful one, that landed right in front of me and visited for a while. My whole life, I couldn't even get near a butterfly... not even in the butterfly gardens where you supposed to experience magical interactions with these georgous creatures. Not me. I must've had a vibe of some kind that scared them all away. Now I can't seem to avoid them. It's awesome and I just thought I'd share it. I need to remember to take pictures when this happens, but I'm so caught off guard and in awe, I almost forget how to breathe as it is.

The Egg Drop was totally awesome. They had a football field at the high school that was covered in Easter eggs. There had to be about 40k eggs on the field! THEN... a helicopter comes flying overhead and dumps a whole bunch more over the side and they tumble down adding to the jackpot already on the field. The kids go crazy, and once the whistle is blown, they sweep over the field like a high powered hoover sucking up every piece of candy in their path. It takes less than a full minute and it's all but over. Now if they could just pick up their rooms with the same speed! Heck... if they would do anything around the house at that speed!

Miss you baby girl. You are in my heart and on my mind every day. I wish you were in my eyes and on my lap too!

Until We Meet Again,

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